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Jenny Wren Photography is a new photographic service operating in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. It is the home of photographer Jenny Collison.


01 September 2011

23 August 2011

Sneak Peak - Baby Cruz

On the weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing a very dear friend of mine (we go way back to high school!), along with her gorgeous family. They recently welcomed the ever so lovely baby Cruz into the world...and true to his name he was such a relaxed baby. He made photographing him a breeze! They graciously gave me free reign to get creative, and had many great ideas too. It was such a fun session. We shot MANY images but here is a little sneak peak of some of my favourites.


05 July 2011

Gemma and Alexis

When these two gorgeous sisters, Gemma and Alexis, came down to the Southern Highlands from Sydney we headed out to Berrima for their session. Here is a selection of images from their shoot.

28 June 2011

Pretty Parasols

My prop shopping has begun, and I dare say, so has my prop addiction! I was out shopping the other day and found these darling parasols...I can't wait for a chance to use them!

11 May 2011

First Official Shoot

For the very first official Jenny Wren Photography session, I thought it was only fitting I photograph my very own 3 gorgeous babes.
The Southern Highlands in Autumn is absolutely stunning. Crisp autumn air and multitudes of crunchy maple leaves under foot.
What child can resist jumping and playing in a big pile of leaves? Mine certainly can't. Here are a few of my favourite images from our session.

15 February 2011

Small Beginnings

I love photography! Capturing a moment in time, a memory, an emotion, a picture that tells a story without the use of words…it inspires me.
After studying photography full time many years ago, a dream to one day run my own photographic business was placed on my heart. Since then I have held that dream close and allowed it to grow and evolve while building on my photographic skills. I have waited for the “right” time to birth it.
As a mum to my 3 young children, I have loved photographing them as they grow and documenting those precious moments that fly by far too quickly.   
I am preparing to start my youngest at pre-school soon and with the idea of having some of my time freed up, I look forward to turning this dream into a reality. I am ready to start capturing some of those special moments for others now too.
The purpose of this blog will serve a couple of purposes. It will be the place my future clients can come to view a sneak peak of their photo shoot. I also plan to use it to publish semi regular step by step photography tips, readers can use to get more out of their everyday photos. So please feel free to follow my blog and join me on my journey.